I International Forum
"Sport as a Tool for Social Transformation"

Presentation of the ISSOK Model


The Forum is, to a large extent, one of the multiple possible answers to an increasingly intense demand generated, by the society that we are building together, in this first part of the 21st century: It is necessary to endow values, give true meaning, and surpass the speed imposed by new technologies, globalization and the definitive clash of cultures that has been caused by these phenomena. Sports and Education become a powerful and effective instrument to overcome doubts and participate in the creation of a more critical, just, and solidary society. We want to speak from concrete facts and experiences, surpassing the strictly theoretical stage, using the scientific method to guarantee results.

To the excitement of organizing the Forum, we add passion in presenting the ISSOK Method to the international sphere. A day full of exciting proposals awaits us, presentations of innovative projects where practical experiences, from different countries, will be shared.